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“… a portion goes to charity”.  What does that mean?


We have ALWAYS contributed work to charity events.


All our work; art, entertainment events, and clinics contributes to charities in two ways:

1…. Collaborative.

            We produce a collection FOR a charity, use our marketing together with the charity, and split proceeds with the charity after costs.

2.ALL of our own work at the moment goes to our larger goal of producing feature films and eventually music events to raise awareness and funding for charity.


How much do the paintings cost.

Make an offer ... !!!


Paintings are usually priced according to market value in two ways: (1. ... on a “square inch” or (2. ... on a time basis.  The low side of “square inch” pricing is probably around $2/sq. inch.  Timing is based on how the artist values the time devoted to the work.


For the moment, through February since (a – we are starting up and (b – a great deal of our current in inventory is from previous charity work; we will allow clients to simply offer what they feel is a fair negotiated price; i.e. “make us an offer.”


Do you ship and is the cost of shipping included?


We do ship and will insure at the price of the piece. We do NOT pay for shipping.  

Do you frame the work?


We do NOT frame the work.  Individuals in general need to get a piece in the setting in which they will display it and choose a frame which pleases them.


Do you offer commissions?


Absolutely.  Commissions involve dialogue in order to get a piece as close to the clients "vision" 

as possible.

FAQs; Frequently asked Questions

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