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Why I paint ... and why I paint horses ... and sports

Sam Ramirez polo_edited.jpg
Sandy Koufax.jpg
Roxroy Cato.JPG
GCGPGH Jack.jpg
Hunter Jumper on  Black Background.jpg
Harrison Smith Too.jpg
Coagi Long (2).jpg

I grew up in love with two things; horses and sports.  I have had some small measure of success as a performer in both arenas but the real joy has come from my personal fascination with the absolute beauty and (there's no better word): "purity" of movement in both. Not just as a performer; an athlete or rider but also as a teacher/clinician/coach I am still in awe of some of the things I have had the privilege of witnessing.  Finally, it is my great privilege to be able to work in chariity in order to benefit these incredible animals and to serve the interests of peak performance with athletes.  


All of my experiences as an artist have been incredibly, emotional; spiritual.  As an artist, if I am able to capture in some small way the astonishing beauty in these images; it is to "touch" the true "substance"; the "essence" of them; not at a physical or mechanical level but spiritual.

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