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Karl Avdek / Equine Art for Charity and the Hawkeye Farms Foundation 

Trouble .._edited.jpg
Eastern Hay 4_edited.jpg
My name is Karl Avdek.  I hope you like the paintings.  

I grew up in the horse business in Iowa where my dad built and managed an enormous thoroughbred farm.  I have trained horses, worked as a teacher, a clinician, and a mental skills and peak performance coach both for horse owners, riders, and college and professional athletes both here and abroad for decades.

I thought that you might like to know I also represent the Hawkeye Farms Foundation.  The foundation is a 501C3 nonprofit charity which raises awareness and funding for children and animals.  The foundation is also aligned with The Horseman's Mind and The Next Western Movie.  A portion of proceeds from all sales and events will go to charity.
This art has been represented in galleries in Paris, London, and Amsterdam.  To date, the foundation and the art has been involved with multiple events benefitting youth sports, American Red Cross, the NAACP, the National Association of Youth Sports, the Humane Society, New York Polo and Juvenile Diabetes, the Equine Sanctuary Soldier Rescue, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, Equine Angels, and others.
For years, the music industry and musicians have staged events which raised funding for great causes.  Events such as the Concert for Bangladesh, Live Aid, A Tribute to Heroes, Live Earth and Farm Aid raised not only money but awareness for great causes.  The Hawkeye Farm Foundation’s large goal is to duplicate that action with film and produce film and music events to raise funding and awareness for charity.
We appreciate your help.  When you purchase a painting or get involved, you help us help others who cannot help themselves.

If you are an individual ... or an organization;  what can we do for you?  How can we work together to help those who may not be able to help themselves ...

The foundation is producing western films; films that will glorify horses; with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

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